Need a fax line?

By JVoIP Blogger - December 22, 2021

We’re happy to announce our new product: JVoIP Digital Fax

Now you may be wondering, that’s old technology! Yes, that’s true. However, did you know that there are an estimated 40 million fax machines? Also, about 17 billion faxes are sent each year worldwide!

Faxing continues to be on demand especially for government agencies and healthcare communities. Faxes have the benefit of being legally binding and are an approved method of sending healthcare documents electronically for HIPAA compliancy.

At JVoIP, our faxing solution is completely digital. No oversized fax machine needed! Digital faxing is considered more secure than traditional fax machines by leading experts. All you will need is a PC or mobile device in order to sign on to your secure portal, upload your PDF document and send your faxes.

Receiving faxes is easy as well. You will receive your faxes directly to your e-mail account. Can it get any simpler? We don’t think it can.

Our fax plan starts at $9.95/month per line with up to 150 pages per month.

Please let us know if you need a fax line and we’ll set you up!