Expats deserve a better voice service and cheaper rates!

By JVoIP Blogger - April 1, 2022

Expats deserve a better voice service and cheaper rates!

There are an estimated 10 million Americans living overseas. Are you one of them? If so, you found the right article. We will explain some of the communications challenges that you may be facing right now and how to make life better.

Recent estimates indicate that most expat Americans live in Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, the Caribbean and South America. These are beautiful countries and we are quite sure you are enjoying the lifestyle, local culture and language. However, as expats, you may also be living there for other reasons such as: job relocation, joining a significant other, extended travel, or you retired.

Regardless of the situation, one fact may be clear: you still need to call home! That’s right. You may still need to keep in touch with family, friends, work, colleagues, banks, or medical offices. But, one of the headaches with existing cellular plans are: INTERNATIONAL ROAMING PLANS AND HIGH FEES.

We have found that many expats keep their original mobile plans for emergency calls, texts, or simply “I want to keep my number in case I return.” Or, “ I’ll just turn on my phone for that important call.” Is this you? If so, did you know you do not need to keep paying for your US mobile service? Why are you paying for cellular service you may not be able to use freely overseas without paying additional International or roaming fees? Would you not prefer having the freedom of calling the states from overseas without wondering if you may brake the bank? Why limit yourself?

At JVoIP, we use VOIP technology. All you need is Wi-Fi or Internet service on your mobile device. Wi-Fi is everywhere. You are probably already paying for a local Internet service where you live now. With a JVoIP plan, we will show you how to install our easy to use mobile app and that’s it! You can call the US easily; no extra fees, no roaming fees. Best of all, you will save money.

Let us explain some of the rates you may be paying with your US mobile plan:

T-Mobile International Rates

  • 0.25 / Min. with select plans costing $35-$50 / mo.

Verizon Wireless International Rates

  • $100 / mo. for International Travel - 250 minutes
  • 0.25 / Min. overage rates
  • 0.99 - $1.79 / min

AT&T International Pay-Per-Use Rates

  • $1.00 / min. Canada and Mexico
  • $3.00 / min - Rest of the world

Just take a look at your cellular phone bill. You’re probably paying a cellular plan, an International package and per-minute fees. You may even be paying a few pennies per text message too! It all adds up! As an expat, you certainly want to save some money and spend it where you value it the most; the country you are living now and the people you love!

VOIP technology frees you of US cellular plans that are costing you money and not giving you the value you deserve.

How will it work for me?

Purchase a JVoIP plan such as our Upstart Plan for $19.95/mo. and you will have unlimited calling and texting. As long as you have Internet connection or Wi-Fi, you will install our mobile app on your iPhone or Android device to make calls. The application will connect to our redundant phone systems in the US. You will be able to call any number in the continental US or Canada. You can also receive calls from anywhere. Your phone will get notified and simply “wake-up”. All of our plans also have SMS texting capabilities. Yes, you can send or receive text messages to or from any person in the US.

What if I travel?

One of the greatest benefits with our service is that your JVoIP plan travels with you. Many expats travel to neighboring countries or back home. If this is your situation, your JVoIP plan will work where you go. Simply make sure you have Internet or WIFI service and your service will connect. This is very convenient instead of worrying about SIM cards and expensive cellular plans while traveling.

Can you port my number?

If you really love your US number and want to keep it, we’ll port it! No problem. The number is always yours and if you ever decide to use another carrier if you return to the States, simply port your number back after canceling your plan with us.

Have we convinced you yet? We really hope so. Cancel that US phone plan, save some money and enjoy the freedom of calls and text like you had before.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Come join the JVoIP family. You may be overseas, but we’ll treat you like being home.