Multimedia Messaging with your Groundwire App

By JVoIP Blogger - February 13, 2022

Messaging is an important communication tool in this day and age. It is estimated that 61% of consumers have increased their time in texting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, the amount of screen time on a mobile device increased by almost 50% during 2019-2021. The number of people using texting, despite it being a 25 year-old technology, is quite staggering. Texting isn’t going anywhere!

At JVoIP, we recognized the importance of supporting texting (SMS) for our customers early on. This is why we decided to pick business-grade Acrobits Groundwire as our go-to softphone app not just for voice calling, but also for messaging.

In 2021, we were happy to release SMS texting with Groundwire app. Most of our customers are enjoying this service to communicate with family, friends and business contacts.

However, we’re also excited to say we have reached a new stage in our development and have now released MMS for Groundwire.

MMS stands for multimedia messaging service. This technology has also been around for a long time. MMS has been supported in Apple iPhone or Android devices for many years. However, supporting MMS through VoIP technology is quite challenging!

We will not bore you with the technical details. But, what we can say is that you can now send and receive photos from your Groundwire App. If you are using this application for texting, all you need to do is start sending or receiving photos. Just take a picture or pick a photo from your gallery and send. Feel free to ask your contacts to send you a picture as well. It’s already enabled!

For now, only photos are supported. In due time, we plan on supporting other media types such as videos and voice recordings.

How to Send MMS Messages

  1. Launch your Groundwire App. Make sure your account is registered (Green)

  1. Select Messages button on the bottom right.

  1. Select a contact to send your MMS.

  1. Press the attachments icon on the left and take a picture or pick an existing photo from your library. Press Send.

Note: Only images or photos are supported at this time. Other media types will be available in future updates.

  1. Your image will process and be sent immediately.

That’s it! Your recipient should receive your media message shortly.

If you run into any issues, please email our Service Delivery team to assist you further.

-JVoIP Team