If you mix personal with business, think again

By JVoIP Blogger - August 30, 2021

It’s a very common scenario. You start a small business and you’re excited about your new business venture. As you know, every startup has costs to consider and phone expenses are one of them. You may have thought, why look into a new business line when I already have a personal mobile line? Also, you get concerned about increased startup business costs. Therefore, you decide to register your new business with your personal line and move on with many other important tasks. All done, right? Not quite.

This is where the problems begin. As your business grows, you will soon realize that you did not want your clients to call or text you personally at any hour of the day. You may need to “silence” your phone or set it to “Do-not-Disturb” mode for certain hours of the day. It eventually becomes quite inconvenient to depend on your mobile phone’s features to prevent calls or texts from coming through. With a JVoIP business line, you can simply enable our virtual receptionist feature to control the times to accept callers. A simple business line feature takes care of this problem.

Now, you may have initially thought that handing out your personal phone number was after all, a personal decision. But eventually, you may regret that decision for the following important reason.

Sadly, we are living in an age where identity theft is real and costly. According to the 2021 Identity Fraud Study released by Javelin Strategy & Research, identity fraud has now cost victims $56 billion. Scammers are looking to steal your personally identifiable information, along with any methods of scamming you from your resources. As your business grows, along with profits, what if your personal number is found in the hands of a scammer that is ultimately linked to your personal information?

If your personal number is linked to sensitive financial resources such as banks, investment accounts, suppliers and more, it’s one more factor that may be used to scam you or steal the very thing that you worked hard for, your business!

At JVoIP, we highly recommend that every new business registers their own business line. It’s important to have a clear separation with phone lines just as you may do with personal and business finances. If you are planning to register a new company, whether a sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation, we recommend that you first obtain a business line from us. Then, use this line to register your new company with your state, suppliers and more.

When starting up a new business, do it right! Get a dedicated business line and move on. You will thank us later!