SMS Forwarding is Here

By JVoIP Blogger - May 6, 2022

An estimated 300 million people in North America use text messaging. That’s more than 80% of the population! It’s amazing how many people depend on SMS! At JVoIP many of our customers are enjoying our SMS platform. We’re glad to see increased usage of SMS by most of our customers.

This is why we want to let you now that we have implemented SMS Forwarding to e-mail feature. We realize that sometimes going through all your SMS on your phone may be cumbersome. Email applications have very powerful search features and messages can be easier to read. You can also forward important SMS messages to other email users.

Once enabled, you will receive a copy of not only your SMS, but also MMS (multimedia messages). Any messages with pictures will get attached to the email for your reference. We hope this new service will make life easier for you.

All customers with Upstart or greater plans will have SMS Forwarding feature available at no cost. Simply let us know you are interested and we will enable SMS Forwarding on your account. All incoming SMS messages will be automatically forwarded to your registered email address. Simple as that!

Please reach out if you have any questions.