Terms of Service

Last Updated: 02-20-2020


These Terms of Service for JVOIP TELECOM (“JVOIP”) (this “Agreement”) is a legal agreement between you (“Customer” or “you”) and JVOIP regarding the JVOIP Services (“Services”). The Services include the systems (including hardware, software and equipment) by which JVOIP provides its VoIP services to Customer and other JVOIP users. Your use of the Services constitutes your agreement to the terms of this Agreement and JVOIP’s Acceptable Use Policy, and you acknowledge that JVOIP would not agree to provide the Services without that assent.

You may only receive the Services if you are a Service subscriber in good standing with a valid, authorized payment method on file with JVOIP. You understand that you must obtain your own Internet connection in order to use the Services. We do not control your Internet access or the quality of your Internet connection. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY THIRD PARTY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES, OR FOR PROBLEMS IN THE SERVICES CAUSED BY YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION OR THIRD PARTY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES.

Additional JVOIP Services can be purchased by users you designate as administrators through the JVOIP user interface or portal or by calling JVOIP Customer Support. You hereby authorize those users with administrative privileges to (i) add these Services to your JVOIP account and (ii) commit you to pay for these Services in accordance with the terms of your order and this Agreement. You further authorize JVOIP to obtain payment of your then-current statement balance from you each month from your credit card account.

You may designate one or more users to be an account administrator (“Administrator”) with full administrative control of your account from the JVOIP user interface or portal. Upon creation of your account, the individual assigned to be the Administrator is the individual who entered into an agreement with JVOIP through our online sign-up process or, if the agreement was not entered into online, the individual whose name is identified on your order form. The Administrator: (i) can make any changes to the account (e.g., service additions, service deletions, assignment of users, account cancellations, updates to credit cards, etc.); and (ii) is the authorized individual on your account with respect to porting of your telephone numbers to a carrier other than JVOIP. The Administrator may assign one or more additional administrators on the account and may re-assign “Administrator” status to another user. In the event that you wish to re-assign the Administrator designation on your account and the Administrator is unable to make the change, you must submit an email from the Administrator’s email address that is on file with JVOIP or otherwise provide a written request via facsimile, on your letterhead and executed by an officer or owner of the company that you represent.

If you want JVOIP to provide information on your account relating to a customer service record or call log details (other than through any available user interface), such request may be made by the Administrator, but information provided by JVOIP will only be transmitted to the email address on file for the Administrator. The Administrator may designate one or more “Company Contacts” for the account. The Company Contact is the individual(s) who will receive all messages from JVOIP concerning matters of general relevance to the account (notices of updates to the account, billing notices, maintenance alerts, etc.); such notices are typically provided through email. JVOIP will initially assign the Administrator to be the Company Contact. A Company Contact may or may not be the Administrator for the account.

JVOIP may adjust the components comprising a specific plan at any time. JVOIP reserves the right, from time to time, to change the terms and modify service plans and features, provided that such changes are consistently applied in a manner and degree to similarly situated customers. JVOIP will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide thirty days’ notice of such proposed changes. JVOIP also reserves the right to increase pricing when there are government sourced or regulated changes applicable to VoIP providers, which increase the cost of VoIP services, and to include/exclude certain international calling destinations at any time based on its commercial or legal judgment. All pricing is exclusive of taxes, fees, and other government charges.